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Wiley Helps Prepare Your Students for Their Professional Careers

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How can we help students be career-ready? As your trusted partner, Wiley Efficient Learning is prepared to help bridge that gap with you. We offer professional certification preparation content in Accounting (CPA, CMA, CIA), Finance (CFA, CFP, FRM, etc.), Business (PMP), and IT (Security+, Network+, etc.) that can be easily integrated into courses.

With completely customizable content and supported by our Onboarding Team, Wiley would work closely with you to ensure a seamless course experience while giving your students additional assessment questions, exercises, videos, and mock exams – all easily matched up to existing courses!

Wiley Helps Prepare Your Students for Their Professional Careers

Proven to Drive Success

The University of Texas at Dallas integrates Wiley Efficient Learning Test Prep into curriculum.

  • For credit, USCPA training into accounting curriculum
  • LTI Integration with Wiley Efficient Learning platform
  • Wiley Learning objects mapped to learning outcomes for each class
  • Dedicated account success team

“Wiley CPAexcel has helped us ensure we have strong content and testing strategies in our traditional courses so that students who are interested in the exam are fully prepared.”
- Jennifer Johnson, The University of Texas at Dallas

See full case study here.

Your Classroom, Your Content

The Wiley Efficient Learning platform offers continuous access to online learning tools and content to drive career readiness and success. We make it easy for you to build your course from a catalog of 1,500+ preconfigured lessons in finance, accounting, business and technology, including practice exercises, quiz questions, and study texts, to enhance your lessons. Custom integrations and intuitive features enable you to access a vast assortment of content based on your objectives.

Professional Alignment

Prepare students for success not just in the classroom, but also in their future careers. Wiley Efficient Learning has the most up-to-date content for accounting, finance, business and technology courses that bridges university theory and professional practice.

You can use our recommended lessons, or build your own, with:

  • Thousands of lesson assessment questions with student metrics
  • Full mock exams based on professional qualifications
  • Multi-step exercises
  • In-depth study text
  • And much more

Complete Customization

Equally important to content quality is the delivery, which Wiley has refined down to every detail using the latest technology. Gain the flexibility you need to arrange and administer truly impactful lessons.

You can visually and physically control every aspect of your course simply by:

  • Tracking student progress to ensure they are on task
  • Creating your own custom quizzes from a large database of questions
  • Integrating videos, files and links
  • Setting the pace and prerequisites
  • Bringing in your own content

Easy Integration with Any LMS

Wiley Efficient Learning is powered by Canvas, one of the fastest growing Learning Management Systems (LMS) in higher education. This means a simple and seamless setup for Canvas users by importing their natively built course from Canvas Commons or a Zip file.

Not on Canvas? No problem. Efficient Learning integrates with Blackboard, D2L, Moodle or virtually any standards-based LMS. Our Implementation Team will work with you to get everything you need up and running seamlessly.

Partner Until You Pass Guarantee

Your students will benefit from starting early to prepare for their professional certifications in your class and they will have access to Wiley's Self Study platform after the course is over until they pass the exam. Wiley gives your students our Partner Until You Pass Guarantee.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Special pricing on the most effective accounting, finance, business, and technology exam review courses for you and your students.
  • Dedicated Implementation Team and product support, including the ability to integrate Wiley exam review courses into your institution’s learning platform or LMS.
  • The ability to customize each course or section to fit your institution’s brand.
  • Dedicated success teams to help you track student progress and communicate the benefits of these study materials.
  • The very best monitoring and testing tools that allow you to “flip the classroom” and better track student progress and engagement.

These are some of the universities that have partnered with Wiley already to help prepare their students for their professional careers:

university of phoenix university of oklahoma university of utah UT Dallas
Niagara university James Madison University UNLV Florida International University
Missouri state University

View Full Partner List

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