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By partnering with Wiley, we’ll work together to prepare your staff for advanced professional certification. Our finance, accounting, business, and technology exam review courses deliver the industry’s most robust, up-to-date content and have been proven to dramatically improve pass rates for working professionals.

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Why Wiley is The Right Partner For You

Customized Learning Solutions

The Methodology of Learning

  • In-person, online, or hybrid programs developed specifically for your employees
  • The online platform provides full control to the L&D team to oversee, support and encourage engagement.
  • Detailed performance metrics
  • Diverse portfolio of content: Print, e-books, practice questions, videos, practice labs, and more to support your programs
  • Additional supporting tools: templates, sample documentation created jointly with you for employees to use in the workplace after the training

Wiley Brand and Content

  • Program designed in conjunction with you so it meets your requirements
  • Wiley has top-rated content in the finance, accounting, business and technology spaces
  • 24/7 global customer and technical support including email, phone, and live message chat
  • Integration capabilities with other platforms

Any time, Anyplace, Anywhere

  • Courses designed for people who need to balance work and studying
  • Online, Mobile-Optimized, Self-Paced Training – courses are on-the-go
  • View and sync metrics with the full online course across multiple devices
  • Study online or offline

Study Planning and Support

  • Wiley’s unique Exam Planner keeps employees on track to exam date
    • Tracks completion of assignments
    • Provides alerts and reminders
  • Bite-Sized Lessons make it easy to study a bit at a time
  • Practice questions and videos
  • Full-length, real environment practice exams
  • Top instructors and mentoring
  • Performance reports identify weak areas that require additional review.

Wiley’s Partner Until You Pass Guarantee *

  • Employees have unlimited access to the course – no further fees
  • Free online content and software updates

* Some Wiley Efficient Learning courses include Virtual Labs. Virtual Lab access is good for one year from subscription date, regardless of Partner Until You Pass course extension.

The benefits of a partnership with Wiley include:

  1. Special pricing on the most effective accounting, finance, business, and technology exam review courses for your organization.
  2. Dedicated Onboarding Team and product support, including the ability to integrate Wiley exam review courses into your organization’s learning platform or LMS.
  3. We will build the plan for your employees together based on your individual company needs.
  4. The best monitoring and testing tools that allow you to track employee progress and engagement to ensure that they are prepared for their certification exam.
  5. Wiley’s Partner Until You Pass guarantee means no further costs to your organization.

These are some of the companies that have partnered with Wiley already:

matrix institute of professionals Kornersotne a trainocate company FA Schgool  

View Full Partner List

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